Cosmetic Surgeons Expressing Personality Through Fragrances

Of all our senses, the sense of smell is perhaps the most ignored as important. However, our sense of smell influences us in many more ways than we realize. Smells are often associated with strong memories. A scent can recall a warm summer day by the ocean or that rainy evening in Paris. Fragrances can invoke strong feeling associated with those memories. When it is time to choose a discount fragrance, it’s important to choose one that expresses the wearer’s personality. Your discount fragrances should invoke feelings that are descriptive of your personality.

A fragrance with a strong floral note expresses a feminine, traditional personality. People who are drawn to floral scents usually see themselves as feminine and enjoy rural settings and classical music. This personality type enjoys tradition. Women with this type of personality probably enjoy flowing fabrics, floral prints and cute, feminine shoes. Many classic women’s discount fragrances have strong floral notes.

Fruity scented perfume should express a more self-indulgent personality. This personality loves to be pampered. A Fragrance with a clean fruity scent express a fun loving personality. Someone wearing a fruity fragrance is probably friendly and outgoing.

Fragrances consisting of musk and amber are often called oriental scents. These scents express a personality that enjoys exotic locales. People that are most drawn to these discount fragrances often enjoy jazz music. They’re sexy, sensual personalities with expensive tastes.

Woody perfumes often come in two flavors. The lighter woody perfumes include fragrances with a clean, ocean scent and tend to be favored by those personalities who enjoy a day relaxing at the beach. People drawn to these scents are often calm and relaxed. The deeper woody aromas on the flip side, are often favored by jet setters. Those that love these discount fragrances have a personality that hungers for excitement and the thrill of something new.

How strong a scent is can also say something about its wearer’s personality. Delicate scents that only leave a whisper or suggestion behind suggest more introverted personalities. Deep, long lasting scent, on the other hand, express a sensual and outgoing personality. Many men’s discount colognes accomplish this goal.

How patients potray surgeons’ personality using the scent of their fragrance

The fragrance you wear can suggest a lot about your personality. While there are some generalities about the types of discount fragrances different personalities are drawn to, there are no hard rules. Buying discount fragrances means that you can afford to buy fragrances that express a personality that you want to express. For example, perhaps for a special evening date, you’d like to express a sensual feminine personality while your normal daytime fragrance expresses a fun and relaxed personality. Discount fragrances provide the opportunity to experiment and express who you want to be. Have fun with them. And don’t forget to shop online for discount fragrances and ladies perfume to save lots of money.